Program Overview

In a world of vast market changes and emerging markets agile came to the rescue. The Agile Umbrella is a breakthrough to managing those changes. However, Agile is a word of many spectrums and this workshop is the gateway to new ways of working encapsulating all essential fundamentals to embark upon the agile Journey and customized applicability.

Program Content

  • What is Agile? Choosing an appropriate Agile approach
  • Philosophy, Principles and Project Variables
  • Preparing for Success
  • The DSDM Process
  • The People –DSDM Roles and Responsibilities
  • The DSDM Products
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Key Practices – Prioritization and Timeboxing
  • Planning and Control throughout the Lifecycle
  • Other practices: Facilitated Workshops, Modelling, and Iterative Development

Program Benefits

Upon Completion of the program, the participant will be able to:

  • Understand agile mindset, Core values, and principles
  • Clearly identify and distinguish the different agile methods/ practices and their common grounds and applicability
  • Understand agile core tools and techniques
  • Understand how to prioritize the value delivered to customers
  • Identify the different Agile Roles within a project and within an organization.
  • Have clear governance for projects and respective teams in a joint people and customer centric environment
  • Have clarity on how planning is conducted in Agile mode
  • Evaluate Products and Teams in agile mode and how it is different.
  • Feel the day-to-day life of agile teams

Who Should Attend

Technical Staff, CS, Sales, any level of Organization Employees.

Course Duration

12 Hours

Registration Deadline

Three days before the course date.

Registration and Payment

  • Open Training Facilities/Course Registration and fill your registration form.
  • Course fees include material, lunch, 2 coffee breaks and certificate.
  • Payment by cheque in The Training HUB’s name, cash to our address or by bank transfer.
  • Your registration is confirmed only after course payment
  • Payment is non-refundable; however, participant can be substituted or can attend next confirmed round of the same course or another course.

For More Information

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