Program Overview

Designed for any individual who wishes to be involved in the vast field of the Human Resources Management, whether it is a fresh graduate, an entry level employee, middle manager or a senior in the field, as this diploma provides the needed knowledge acquisition, skills development and most importantly, the attitude modification. Each module within the diploma is designed to work on the different competencies of the capable Human Resources individual.

Program Content

    • Module 1: Key Concepts for HR Strategic Management:
    • HR Evolution
    • Overview on Strategy Formulation, Implementation & Monitoring
    • Vision, Mission and Goal Setting
    • Core Values Workshop


    • Module 2: Recruitment and Selection

    Effective Recruitment:

    • What is Recruitment
    • The Recruitment Analyst
    • Online and Offline Recruitment Sources
    • Hands-on Job Analysis and Developing Job Description and Specification


    Effective Selection:

    • Validity & Reliability
    • Essential skills and attributes for Filtering
    • Using your selection tools for screening applicants


    Structuring and preparing for interviews:

    • Pre-employment testing
    • Background investigation
    • Creating the right first impressions
    • Types of questions that build rapport and uncover experience
    • Types of interviews and how to conduct effective interviews?
    • Selling the organization and the job
    • Interviews Role play, Demonstration with group learning review and feedback
    • Job Offering
    • The Final Hiring Decision
    • Conditional Job Offer
    • Saying No… Thank You Letter
    • Post Hiring Activities: Announcement Letter, Orientation and induction
    • Assessing hiring decision and using job offering forms


    • Module 3: Training and Development
    • Introduction to Training and Development
    • Difference between Training and Development
    • What is TNA and why it is important?
    • Understanding Assessment tools: Tests, Reviewing Employees Performance Evaluation Record, observation, Interviews, Questionnaires and surveys
    • Employee Development Plan
    • “Off the Job” Training Methods
    • “On the Job” Training Methods
    • How to select the suitable training program?
    • Matching the content with the training need
    • Effective training implementation
    • Training Evaluation
    • Theories of motivation


    • Module 4: Performance Management
    • What is Performance Management?
    • How Does Performance Management Work?
    • Tools and Techniques
    • Performance appraisal review- The Areas of Strength effectiveness


    • Module 5: Compensation and Benefits


    • What are employee’s compensation and benefits?
    • Internal and External Equity
    • Job Evaluation
    • Salary Structure
    • Market Survey
    • Total Rewards Management system
    • Organization Strategic Focus toward the compensation and benefits


    • Module 6: Personnel Administration, labor law and Social Insurance practices

    Personnel Administration

    • Prepare employees’ files
    • Create employee’s data base
    • Review and maintain employee and non-employee details
    • Personnel update reports
    • Medical and social insurance
    • Personnel policies and procedures
    • Employee handbook


    Labor and Insurance laws

    • Labor Law
    • Social Insurance Law
    • Practical training on social insurance; a case study of 2 teams, one as a company, and the other as inspectors and training on all inspectors’ requirements

Program Benefits

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand what human resources and its main functions
  • Know what strategic management
  • Perform job analysis, description and specification
  • Apply effective recruitment and selection methods
  • Apply the best testing and recruitment techniques
  • Recognize and apply background investigations
  • Performance management system
  • Explain the role of training and development in human resources management
  • Analyze the training needs of an organization
  • Evaluate the value of the training once completed from the individual employee and the organization’s viewpoint
  • Compensation and benefits internal and external equity
  • Total reward and recognition management system
  • Understand the meaning of Labor and Social Insurance Laws, decisions concerning them, their explanations according to the latest amendments
  • Understand the law implementation issues and how to avoid common mistakes of implementation

Who Should Attend

Any individual who wishes to be involved in the vast field of the Human Resources Management

Course Duration

80 Hours
Registration Deadline
Three days before the course date.

Course Venue

The Training HUB Premises: BLD #5, Sq. 1181 – Sheraton Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt.

Registration and Payment

  • Open Training Facilities/Course Registration and fill your registration form.
  • Course fees include material, lunch, 2 coffee breaks and certificate.
  • Payment by cheque in The Training HUB’s name, cash to our address or by bank transfer.
  • Your registration is confirmed only after course payment
  •  Payment is non-refundable; however, participant can be substituted or can attend next confirmed round of the same course or another course.

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