Program Overview

This course is designed to provide those who are new to leadership or management positions or aspiring to be in this position with an introduction to the skills required to manage and lead people effectively.

Program Content
  • What is leadership?
  • The Importance of leadership
  • The types of leaders
  • Key leadership theories
  • Leadership Traits
  • Leadership and change adaptation
  • Leadership Management Synergy
  • Leadership Styles
  • Leadership Traps
  • The Seven Basic Principles of Leadership
  • The Common Points between Managers and Leaders
  • Leadership Philosophies
  • Needed Skills for Leadership
  • Barriers of Communication
  • Types of Communication
  • Features of Effective Communication
  • Understanding Body Language
  • Active Listening and its importance
  • How to improve Leadership Skills
  • Leadership Behavior and Styles
  • Types of Management Decisions and Styles
  • Situational Leadership
  • Charismatic Leadership
  • The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Leaders
  • Team Building
  • Leadership and Motivation
  • What is management?
  • The differences between Leadership and Management
  • The key skills and characteristics of effective leaders and managers
  • When to lead and when to manage
  • Identifying a range of leadership approaches and when each should be used
  • What can a leader do to get the best from the team?
  • How to develop yourself as a leader and develop the skills of others.

Program Benefits

Upon completion of the program participants will be able to

  •  Know the difference between leadership and management and when to apply each function
  • Understand the wide range of skills they will need possess to be an effective leader and manager
  •  Know a range of leadership approaches and the situations each should be used in
  •  Be able to get the team to a high performing standard in a shorter period as possible
  •  Have built a clear development plan to develop the skills learnt further.

Who Should Attend

Those who are new to a leadership/management/supervisory position or those who are aspiring to be managers or leaders in the future.

Course Duration:

2 Days

Registration Deadline

Three days before the course date.

Registration and Payment

  • Open Training Facilities/Course Registration and fill your registration form.
  • Course fees include material, lunch, 2 coffee breaks and certificate.
  • Payment by cheque in The Training HUB’s name, cash to our address or by bank transfer.
  • Your registration is confirmed only after course payment
  • Payment is non-refundable; however, participant can be substituted or can attend next confirmed round of the same course or another course.

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